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Brown Sugar Candy Chicken

28 Jul

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of requests from friends for easy weekday recipes and I am chock-full of them. You wouldn’t know it from Kitchen Tested, but most days of the week I like to make simple dishes or eat leftovers. So I thought it was time I shared one of those recipes on my blog for the world to see. But it can’t just be any recipe, right?!? I mean, chicken dipped in Italian dressing and coated in bread crumbs just isn’t very adventurous, although it is delicious. So feast your eyes on the most delicious and easy slow-cooked chicken you will ever eat! Continue reading


Water for Elephants

15 Jun

Big top. Circus. Monkeys. Horses. One very old man. And one very large elephant…or bull, depending on how you want to describe wonderful Rosie. Don’t worry, I won’t give anything about the book away, just in case you haven’t read it yet. But you should go get the book now (Water for Elephants: A Novel) and read it! And once you do, throw a little shindig and you can base your menu on mine, or try some new recipes of your own. It was my turn to host the book club meeting, which consists of me and three other lovely ladies in my neighborhood. I wanted the food to reflect the mood of the story, which is about the life of a young man who joins a travelling circus in the 1920’s. So at first I was trying to research circus food, but nothing was really jumping out at me. Corn dogs, caramel apples, funnel cake, etc. Nothing I could serve for a Wednesday night dinner. But I called my sister and, together, we found a whole new direction to go in! Jacob Jankowski, the lead character, is Polish, and as it turns out, so is Rosie. So Polish and circus food for dinner. What a mix! Continue reading

Happy Wow Wow Birthday!

1 Jun

I just wanted to wish my son, Zachary, a happy third birthday on Saturday, June 4th. He is the size of a 4-year-old but reminds me daily that he is really only 3. I love him so much and I am so proud of him every day. His language is developing, he is potty training, and he is always teaching me new things about myself (and my patience).

In honor of his birthday, I made an orange and yellow layered birthday cake with one of his favorite characters, Wubbzy. I used the rainbow layer cake recipe but only used two dye colors and it worked out perfectly. One of the layers didn’t make it, i.e. I dropped it, so this was a 5-layer-cake. I can’t wait to cut in to it and I’m sure Zach feels the same way. He was snacking on the yellow fondant while I was making Wubbzy. I will definitely be hiding this cake away until Saturday.

Homemade S’mores Pop Tarts

25 Mar

So many of my childhood memories are food related! One of those memories is making microwaved s’mores for dessert after dinner, and then making seconds when my parents left the kitchen. I would layer tons of chocolate chips and marshmallows on the graham crackers then watch the ‘mallows grow in the microwave then deflate. So much fun to watch! And yes, I used to eat food behind my parents backs! Is that one of the symptoms of a food addict? I also used to snack on nachos while no one was watching, but that story is for another time. So when I found this recipe for s’mores pop tarts, it reminded me of being a kid and I knew I had to try it right away. I mean, I literally went grocery shopping the day after I found this recipe and bought all of the ingredients. Get ready for the sweet goodness of s’mores and pop tarts, all homemade and delicious. Continue reading

My Purim Mishloach Manot

20 Mar

Happy Purim! From the Strauss Family.

I have fond memories of making homemade chocolate lollipops for my families mishloach manot growing up. I unfortunately also remember being really stressed out by the sight of 50 empty boxes that needed to be filled with snacks and homemade cinnamon buns, then labeling them for all of the family friends that would be receiving them later. Oh man, the trunk of my mom’s car was so crazy while we tried to keep the finished product in order either alphabetically or by order of dropping them off. The whole process was just crazy…I think that’s why I wanted to make my shalach manot a bit less confusing and busy. Continue reading

Sticky Homemade Taffy

31 Jan

The ups and downs of making homemade taffy! Stick around and see what happened. Shout out to Nissania Hazghia for sending me the recipe. If you have any recipes that you want me to try, just post them on my fan page. Maybe you will get a shout out too! Continue reading

Frying Anything is Good!

28 Jan

While grocery shopping, I walked right in to a bag of tempura mix! Literally. It fell off of the shelf and right in my cart. Was it a sign? I like to pretend it was. I figured I would batter some kind of fish and make it for dinner one night, but instead, Justin and I decided to fry stuff. We knew we were going to fry Oreos, but what else could we find in the pantry to dip in batter and throw in a very hot pot of canola oil…oh just wait and see! Continue reading