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Coconut Cranberry Scones with Lemon Curd

20 Nov

Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday and I don’t think you need to guess why…it’s all about the FOOD! I love that I could fill my plate to the edges and still have to go back for seconds, or even thirds, to try everything on the table. Little hot dogs wrapped in puff pastry, stuffed mushrooms, duck, turkey, stuffing, sweet potato pie, green been casserole, cranberry sauce, and so many other tasty dishes! And let’s not forget dessert; all sorts of pies like pumpkin, pecan and apple and lots of cookies and pastries. Yum! Last year, I hosted Thanksgiving for around 30 people and had the time of my life cooking and baking for days on end. Since I won’t be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, I figured I could still make at least one dessert to bring as a gift to my host’s. How could I NOT cook on such a special holiday, right?!? These Coconut Cranberry Scones will make the perfect gift and the lemon curd, served right along side the scones, will surprise everyone with its sweet and tart flavor.  Continue reading


Raspberry Plum Thanksgiving Duck

14 Nov

When most people hear the word “Thanksgiving”, they probably think about pumpkin, stuffing, pecan pie, and, of course, turkey. When I hear “Thanksgiving”, I immediately think of duck! Sure, my Auntie Ellen’s stuffing was epic, my Dad’s cranberry sauce was tart, and there was always a succulent roast turkey on the table, but when I picture the festive Thanksgiving table of my childhood, I see my Grandmother’s mouth-watering sweet and sour duck. With its crispy skin, tender flesh and sweet orange flavor, that duck was our centerpiece on Thanksgiving and I’ve tried to continue the tradition at my own families table.  Continue reading

Vegetarian “Frito” Pie

6 Nov

My sister, Francine, is visiting from Seattle and I wanted to make something special for dinner that would really impress her. Not too long ago, she mentioned a recipe she had seen on TV but was “too lazy to make” called Frito Pie. Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, Fritos are under questionable Kosher supervision so we improvised by buying every available bag of kosher corn chip on the market. I chose to make a vegetarian chili so I could enjoy some real cheese verses making a meat chili with fake cheese. What a waste that would have been! The rest really speaks for itself so check it out. Continue reading

Creamed Corn and Crab Pumpkin Soup

17 Oct

Sometimes, a delicious and unique recipe only needs a few simple and healthy ingredients. In this case, all of the items came right out of my pantry and freezer and I’ll bet you have similar inspiration in your own kitchen! While I do love to use fresh ingredients, sometimes I just need to open some cans and combine in a pot. This was one of those days! I took the red-eye from Seattle to New York with my husband and 2 children and while they slept the whole way, my chair wouldn’t recline so I was stuck with Zach’s legs in my lap and some very rude people in front of me talking loudly for 4.5 hours straight. Oh man, I could talk about that flight forever, but I would rather tell you all about the soup instead.  Continue reading

Sweet and Sour Gushers Meatballs

11 Oct

I would like to thank The Girl Who Ate Everything for coming up with the idea to stuff meatballs with Gushers! The concept seems outrageous but who doesn’t love a little sweet and sour with their meatball, right?!? Gushers really take me back to my childhood and it’s been years since they’ve had a place in my pantry. Speaking of nostalgic snacks, I just have to mention that Dunkaroos are one of my favorite staple snacks (they are only 3 Weight Watchers points) and I keep a few boxes in the house at all times. So now Gushers have joined the party! I altered one of my favorite meatball recipes from my mother to make sure the meat would complement the sour flavor of the gooey jelly fruit candy. Continue reading

Pecan Molasses Cream Pie

5 Oct

I’m not normally such a fan of molasses, with its thick texture and intense almost-savory syrup flavor, but a great article on called “Sweet As Molasses” really got my taste buds watering. Yes, I was salivating! The article listed a whole bunch of really interesting recipes, such as Lemon-Dijon Glaze and Anadama Bread, but the Molasses Cream Pie made me want to give molasses another chance.  The recipe was very quick and simple so I, of course, spruced it up a little bit with some homemade flair and it was absolutely delicious! Oh, and if you’re drooling over the wildly colorful plate underneath the pie, it’s a lazy susan and I got it at Breezy’s. I am obsessed!  Continue reading

Potato Chorizo Tacos with Avocado Salsa

25 Sep

I am absolutely in LOVE with Jacks Gourmet Sausages and the Mexican Style Chorizo is no exception! This spicy fatty sausage is packed with so many delicious spices, such as garlic, paprika, chili pepper and red peppers. Every bite takes a you on a unique journey like no other kosher sausage can give you and I suggest you run out right now (well, wait until you’re done reading this recipe) to buy your own package. In fact, I think you should buy one of every flavor and try them all. The Hot Italian is my second favorite! I’ve cooked the sausages in so many different ways by adding them to a chili or even just sticking them in a hot dog bun, but my new favorite recipe was inspired by Rick Bayless‘ Potato Chorizo Tacos with Avocado Salsa. That man is the master of authentic Mexican cuisine and I would take his advice in the kitchen any day of the week! Continue reading