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Roasted Beet Noodle & Sausage Lasagna

28 Dec

I recently purchased another CSA-style package of seasonal vegetables from Gilt Taste (I couldn’t help myself) and in the box were a variety of beautiful heirloom beets. I didn’t even know that heirloom beets existed but there they were in all their colorful glory, just begging to be cooked! I used to hate beets but I’m really learning to love their earthy sweet flavor, especially when simply roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper.  So why not take it to the next level (or maybe even more than one level) and make something I’ve never tried, like beet pasta! I was originally going to make a vegan pasta but I was seriously having the urge to try an egg-based pasta recipe from Mario Batali and since I always believe in cooking how you feel, the eggs-based recipe won. Sorry to any of my vegan followers (do I have any vegan followers?). By the way, if it looks like there are a lot of steps and ingredients to this dish, you are right! And was it worth it? Yes and No! The layers of filling were absolutely delicious but I’m not sure if I would make the homemade beet noodles again. I’m so glad I tried it once but unless I have extra roasted beets lying around, these noodles just take a long time. I definitely think everyone should try making homemade noodles at least once in their lives! Crossing it off my check-list now.   Continue reading


Feature Friday is Here!

31 Aug

Who’s ready for Feature Friday? Submit your favorite unique and interesting recipes for the chance to be featured on Kitchen Tested!

Every Friday, a new recipe will be posted on Kitchen Tested but it won’t be one of my adventurous concoctions. It’ll be YOURS! All you have to do is send me an email with your own kitchen tested recipe, along with some pictures of your cooking process, and submit it to Each week, I will choose a new submission to be featured and it could be yours! Don’t worry if your recipe doesn’t make the cut right away because you could be next in line.

The first guest recipe will be posted on Friday, September 16th.

Basic information you will need to submit a recipe:

1. A recipe that is uniquely yours

2. A story behind the recipe

3. Measurements and clear directions

4. A picture of the finished product and possibly some step-by-step pictures along the way

5. Bio of the author and picture, if available

6. Link to your website, Twitter, and/or Facebook page, if available

I can’t wait to receive your submissions and start reading all of your individual and exciting recipes! Good luck.

Veal Minestrone Baby Food

22 Apr

I’m not the kind of person who really makes my own baby food. I would rather just buy it in a jar off the shelf. Between Beech Nut and Earth’s Best, both kosher brands, there are so many fun flavors to chose from and my daughter, Nora, gets a full variety of foods. The one thing that is really missing is protein. You can get mixed fruit yogurt and lentils, but that’s pretty much it. So I thought I would make my own soup so Nora could get more protein in her diet. At first, I was going to just make a chicken soup and blend it up, but then I saw the ground veal and thought “this is not only healthy, but a little different than the average food my daughter eats.” And to make life a little easier, I bought pre-made soups that were low in sodium. This recipe is so simple and yummy, you might just want to make it for yourself and keep it chunky. Continue reading

German Spaetzle

23 Feb

I married in to a very VERY traditional German-Jewish family and along with being on time for everything, I have also taken on the task of learning some fantastic German recipes. My favorite sweet recipe is plum cake, otherwise known as Zwetschgenkuchen (you will be seeing a post on that recipe soon), and my new favorite savory item is now Spaetzle, a dumpling similar to pasta.

After I researched tons of different recipes, I realized that I already had every ingredient in my pantry in order to make spaetzle. Of course, I still had to send my patient husband to the grocery store to buy spicy sausage, mushrooms and chives in order to take the spaetzle to the next level (and it really did…see below for the results).     Continue reading