Product Reviews

Want to send me a product or cookbook to review? Send an email to for more information.



Bamboo Garden (in Seattle) and Mike’s Bistro (in New York City).


I don’t really use cookbooks often, but I love Leah Schapira’s Fresh & Easy
and Jamie Gellar’s Quick & Kosher.

Food Products:

Jack’s Gourmet Sausages are incredible. Try the Mexican Style Chorizo. It will blow your mind!

Whole Spice carries high quality spices and herbs and everything is kosher! Check out the lavender sugar and chili jalapeno powder.

Kitchen Utensil:

I don’t think I ever cook or bake without using my classic microplane! A good set of Pyrex mixing bowls will go a long way in my kitchen. I seriously collect mixing bowls of all types, as long as they are dishwasher safe. My OXO Good Grips Mandeline is so helpful for my crispy potato roast. My new favorite obsession is cutting boards. I love them all!

As Seen On TV Product:

The Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker is amazing. No waiting for the water to heat up before adding your pasta, and it always cooks the perfect al dente pasta for me and my family.


The digital camera I use for my blog pictures is the Nikon D3100

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