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Red Vine Licorice Cupcakes

4 Dec

If you’re from the East Coast, it’s very possible you have no idea what a Red Vine is (if you do, I’m sorry for making the assumption about you). I’ll give you a chance to guess before I change your taste buds forever…did you guess yet?…no?…okay, I’ll tell you! A Red Vine is the ultimate chewy red licorice! Sure, you might now be saying to yourself “I eat Twizzlers and they are delicious,” but I’m here to tell you that Twizzlers have nothing on Red Vines! Here are my favorite things about Red Vines: they are chewy and not waxy like Twizzlers, they can be an instant yummy straw when you bite off the ends and they taste so good when they get really hard and stale! If you think I’m the only one obsessed with Red Vines, I once read a great quote from a fellow Red Vine lover: “No comparison, red vines rule. Twizzlers taste like wax. If you want flavor, Red Vines are the way to go. If you want a mouth full of wax, chew on a birthday candle and save your money.”

So it was a no-brainer to use Red Vines when my I decided to alter a recipe that my sister sent me for Chocolate Cherry Cola Cupcakes with Red Licorice Filling from a 2010 episode of Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. Please please please do not use Twizzlers in place of Red Vines! Just check out the “WHERE TO FIND RED VINES” tab on Red Vines official website and pick up a bag (or two). Continue reading