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Peanut-Cashew Brittle Cookies

1 Nov

November 2nd is Cookie Monster’s birthday and I can’t believe he is in his 40’s! He doesn’t look a day over…um…well, I have no idea how old he’s supposed to look. Maybe 10? Cookie Monster’s greatest loves is a delicious chocolate chip cookie but I think he should branch out this year and try something special and unique. On Season 8 of Top Chef, Telly Monster, Cookie Monster and Elmo visited the set to judge a cookie quick fire challenge and it was so fun to watch them “eat” the crazy cookie concoctions from the contestants. It encouraged me that the Sesame Street characters were willing to try something a little different. So here is my birthday cookie for Cookie Monster based on one of my childhood favorites, peanut brittle. I hope he enjoys it!

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Happy Wow Wow Birthday!

1 Jun

I just wanted to wish my son, Zachary, a happy third birthday on Saturday, June 4th. He is the size of a 4-year-old but reminds me daily that he is really only 3. I love him so much and I am so proud of him every day. His language is developing, he is potty training, and he is always teaching me new things about myself (and my patience).

In honor of his birthday, I made an orange and yellow layered birthday cake with one of his favorite characters, Wubbzy. I used the rainbow layer cake recipe but only used two dye colors and it worked out perfectly. One of the layers didn’t make it, i.e. I dropped it, so this was a 5-layer-cake. I can’t wait to cut in to it and I’m sure Zach feels the same way. He was snacking on the yellow fondant while I was making Wubbzy. I will definitely be hiding this cake away until Saturday.