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Drug Store Candy Pies

30 Oct

There are certain times  of the year that I look on, as an Orthodox Jew, while people around me celebrate exciting holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Instead of sitting back wrought with jealousy, I decided this year that I would take advantage in any way I could and for Halloween, that meant candy, candy and more candy! I drove to my closest drug store and stood in front of the candy section for almost 10 minutes deciding which chocolate morsels I would pile in to my cart. I finally decided on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey’s Kisses Filled With Caramel, and Dove White & Milk Chocolate Swirl Promises, all candy that I knew would melt well in the oven but would still hold on to their delicious integrity. Next came the question of what to do with all of that yummy candy so I figured I should turn to a cookbook made just for kids, since it’s usually kids who collect the candy on Halloween, right?!? Kosher by Design Kids in the Kitchen, by Susie Fishbein, was my answer and the Fruit Pocket recipe was my inspiration! I seriously felt like a kid making this desert and I certainly suggest making this with your own kids.  Continue reading


S’mores in the Kitchen

30 Aug

Check out my latest guest blog post, S’mores in the Kitchen, on Cook Kosher! http://www.cookkosher.com/index.php?option=com_zoo&task=item&item_id=137&Itemid=8

Homemade S’mores Pop Tarts

25 Mar

So many of my childhood memories are food related! One of those memories is making microwaved s’mores for dessert after dinner, and then making seconds when my parents left the kitchen. I would layer tons of chocolate chips and marshmallows on the graham crackers then watch the ‘mallows grow in the microwave then deflate. So much fun to watch! And yes, I used to eat food behind my parents backs! Is that one of the symptoms of a food addict? I also used to snack on nachos while no one was watching, but that story is for another time. So when I found this recipe for s’mores pop tarts, it reminded me of being a kid and I knew I had to try it right away. I mean, I literally went grocery shopping the day after I found this recipe and bought all of the ingredients. Get ready for the sweet goodness of s’mores and pop tarts, all homemade and delicious. Continue reading

My Purim Mishloach Manot

20 Mar

Happy Purim! From the Strauss Family.

I have fond memories of making homemade chocolate lollipops for my families mishloach manot growing up. I unfortunately also remember being really stressed out by the sight of 50 empty boxes that needed to be filled with snacks and homemade cinnamon buns, then labeling them for all of the family friends that would be receiving them later. Oh man, the trunk of my mom’s car was so crazy while we tried to keep the finished product in order either alphabetically or by order of dropping them off. The whole process was just crazy…I think that’s why I wanted to make my shalach manot a bit less confusing and busy. Continue reading

Making Whoopie…Pies!

19 Feb

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to make whoopie pies! They are so easy to make and absolutely devine! I think I actually melted when I took my first bite of these old-fashioned New England chocolate cakes with a creamy white frosting filling. There isn’t much more of an introduction that I can give you. These pies speak for themselves! Continue reading

Making French Macarons (not macaroons)

7 Feb

Rich. Creamy. Chocolaty! My French macarons may not look perfect, but they taste awesome! Just look at my pictures and salivate! Go on…look! And maybe if you have the time, you can try to make them yourself. In fact, I made these chocolate macarons on a Saturday night, so I think anyone can find some time to attempt these super sweet treats.

As I have said before, Justin and I watch a lot of TV and we especially love food competition reality shows.  A special visual treat for us was Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts, where we watched catty pastry chefs create unique and unusual desserts from week to week. One of the contestants, Morgan Wilson, was my favorite to watch and my #1 choice to win the competition. Unfortunately, he came in second place, but along the way, he taught me a lot about chemistry, baking, and macarons! That  talented chef baked a lot of macarons throughout the show and his beautiful little treat really intrigued me. Or maybe it just made me hungry! Either way, since the show aired, I have been dying to make macarons and until my sister made them successfully, I didn’t even think it was worth trying. Well, here it goes! Continue reading

Chocolate Cake Pops

28 Jan

Okay, so you might think that cake lollipops aren’t so unique, but I was always afraid to make these so I figure other people might be as well. If I can do it, you can do it!

My sister, Francine, is a pastry chef who I call all the time for cooking and baking advice. She lives across the country and we talk at least once a day…mostly about food! Well, she made the most incredible red velvet cake lollipops and I couldn’t stop eating them. For a diabetic, that is not a good idea! I decided that I would make them myself and see if they would be as good as hers. Could I be a pastry chef? Continue reading