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Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti {Feature Friday}

23 Dec

Congratulations to Penina Schoenfeld, this weeks Feature Friday winner with her perfect-for-the-holidays Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti. If you would like to be featured on Kitchen Tested, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe here.

These biscotti are my go-to for an easy (yet semi-elegant) dessert for parties. Even if you don’t like coconut, as long as you like almonds you will LOVE these cookies (the coconut flavor is completely hidden – I promise). I use sweetened shredded coconut but I’m sure the cookies taste delicious with the unsweetened kind as well. I recently baked these cookies for my company’s holiday potluck and they were gone within minutes! Continue reading


Carrot Cake {Feature Friday}

18 Nov

Congratulations to Elana Aminoff, this weeks Feature Friday winner for her moist and delicious Carrot Cake. If you would like to be featured on KT, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe hereContinue reading

Upside Down Pizza Casserole {Feature Friday}

11 Nov

Congratulations to Malkie Hirsch, this weeks Feature Friday winner for her Upside Down Pizza Casserole. If you would like to be featured on KT, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe hereContinue reading

P.B.K. Brownies {Feature Friday}

4 Nov

Congratulations to Sara DeLeeuw, author of blog My Imperfect Kitchen and this weeks Feature Friday winner for her incredible P.B.K. Brownies. I have already made these brownies and could not stop eating them! If you would like to be features on KT, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe here

We started our third bowling season last night. It has become something of a tradition for me to bring snacks to our weekly games.  Truthfully, I do it because I can’t bowl.  Not even remotely well. I couldn’t break 100 if I used bumpers.  My scores last night were 77, 79 and 69.  Yeahhhh…don’t quit my day job, right?  You may feel sorry for my team, but don’t!  They eat very well.   Yesterday I made PBK (Peanut Butter Krispy) Brownie Bars to kick off our season.  This recipe is a variation of BrownEyedBaker’s “Better Than Crack” Brownies and they are very addicting!   After all, who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter?  Consider yourself warned, you may never go back to regular brownies again.  I’m setting the bar pretty high on bowling snacks with these!   They are easy to put together, and trust me, they are worth every delicious bite! Continue reading

Bubby’s Apple Cake {Feature Friday}

28 Oct

Congratulations to David Ratz, this weeks Feature Friday winner with his Bubby’s scrumptious recipe for apple cake! If you would like to be featured on KT, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe here.

My bubby (grandmother in yiddish) makes an apple cake that everyone in my family loves. When my grandparents were younger, after WWII, they moved to America. They then opened a cafe shop with my great aunt and uncle and this recipe was made for many holidays. Now that my bubby is older, she doesn’t make it that often but when she did make it, I got the privilege of watching her bake this delicious apple cake. Continue reading

Cayenne Cinnamon Chocolate Cupcakes {Feature Friday}

7 Oct

Congratulations to Jessica Hoffman, this weeks Feature Friday winner with a super spicy recipe for chocolate cupcakes! If you would like to be featured on KT, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe here.

My awesome friend Julie and I were creating the menu for a Mexican-themed Sheva Bracha Fiesta when I realized that we were missing desserts. On our menu, we had written down: “Fruit and brownies.” Boring! I started thinking about Mexican-themed desserts that I could bake. Coconut lime cookies? Sounds awesome but baking cookies can feel life-sucking. And then I remembered something my sister Melinda of Kitchen Tested fame had introduced me to…cayenne chocolate cheesecake. At first it was sweet and then the spice set my mouth on fire. But the Fiesta was going to be a meat meal, and I prefer to make my cheesecake dairy, so I decided to try making a cayenne chocolate cupcake using semi-homemade ingredients. Adding cinnamon helps meld the two seemingly opposite flavors together, and a hard chocolate cinnamon ganache helps cool it down. We’ll see who’s brave enough to finish an entire cupcake without taking a drink! Continue reading

Feature Friday is Here!

31 Aug

Who’s ready for Feature Friday? Submit your favorite unique and interesting recipes for the chance to be featured on Kitchen Tested!

Every Friday, a new recipe will be posted on Kitchen Tested but it won’t be one of my adventurous concoctions. It’ll be YOURS! All you have to do is send me an email with your own kitchen tested recipe, along with some pictures of your cooking process, and submit it to kitchentested@gmail.com. Each week, I will choose a new submission to be featured and it could be yours! Don’t worry if your recipe doesn’t make the cut right away because you could be next in line.

The first guest recipe will be posted on Friday, September 16th.

Basic information you will need to submit a recipe:

1. A recipe that is uniquely yours

2. A story behind the recipe

3. Measurements and clear directions

4. A picture of the finished product and possibly some step-by-step pictures along the way

5. Bio of the author and picture, if available

6. Link to your website, Twitter, and/or Facebook page, if available

I can’t wait to receive your submissions and start reading all of your individual and exciting recipes! Good luck.