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Shanghai Girls and a Shanghai Menu: Part 2

3 Dec

I told you I was going to continue the story of my book club Shanghai Girls menu so here it is! As a reminder, here’s the menu from my Asian-inspired dinner.

Shanghai Girl’s Book Club Menu

Appetizers: Jiaozi- Chinese Dumplings, egg rolls, Chinese noodles with La Choy duck sauce and Wasabi Peas

Main Course: Red Cooked Beef, Pineapple Fried Rice, Shanghai Stir-Fry (all recipes below)

Dessert:  Pomegranate Sorbet with Kumquat Mandarin Citrus Salad Continue reading


Tuna and Watermelon Ceviche

20 Jul

We don’t have a printer in our house. I know that sounds strange, but Justin works only a few minutes away so if we need something printed, it gets done at the office. Don’t worry…we plan to buy a printer at some point, but we just keep pushing it off. So I sent Justin an email asking him to print a few recipes and when he came home after work, he handed me a stack of paper with his own addition right on top: Tuna and Watermelon Ceviche. I know that watermelon is all over television and the blogs these days, but that doesn’t mean this recipe isn’t worth trying here. I mean, there’s a reason everyone is talking about the watermelon/tuna companionship! It’s simple, beautiful and bursting with flavor. Continue reading