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Sweet and Sour Gushers Meatballs

11 Oct

I would like to thank The Girl Who Ate Everything for coming up with the idea to stuff meatballs with Gushers! The concept seems outrageous but who doesn’t love a little sweet and sour with their meatball, right?!? Gushers really take me back to my childhood and it’s been years since they’ve had a place in my pantry. Speaking of nostalgic snacks, I just have to mention that Dunkaroos are one of my favorite staple snacks (they are only 3 Weight Watchers points) and I keep a few boxes in the house at all times. So now Gushers have joined the party! I altered one of my favorite meatball recipes from my mother to make sure the meat would complement the sour flavor of the gooey jelly fruit candy. Continue reading


Ghost Chili Dogs

3 Jul

Yeah, there are almost no words to describe this Fourth of July chili dog…but don’t worry, I found a few! I hope you like spicy food because this chili will rock your world. Along with chili flakes, cayenne pepper and chipotle hot sauce, I’ve added bhut jolokia chili pepper, otherwise known as the Ghost Chili. If you’ve ever watched Man v. Food with Adam Richman on the Travel Channel, you know what the ghost chili is. But if you’re not a TV food junky like me and you haven’t cringed as you watched Adam fight his way through insanely spicy concoctions, I will describe the Ghost to you now. Know as one of the hottest peppers in the world, the bhut jolokia is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. Need I say more? But don’t worry, my chili will not burn your mouth off, although you can definitely feel the heat. The ghost chili also adds smokiness, sort of like a chipotle pepper. And hey, if you don’t like hot, just leave out all of the spicy ingredients and you will still have a fantastic chili. Trust me.  Continue reading