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Brown Sugar Ice Cream with Candied Pecans

4 Aug

I just bought an ice cream maker and I’m not afraid to use it! So what should my first flavor be??? I got a lot of ideas from the mob but nothing looked better than brown sugar ice cream with homemade candied pecans. It’s a flavor I’ve never had before and it just sounds delicious. And to shake things up a little, my version isn’t even dairy! But don’t worry, you won’t even know that the milk and cream are missing. And to make the whole process even better, you will definitely have extra candied pecans to snack on every day. Mmmm…candied pecans. Yum! You’ll see! Continue reading


Water for Elephants

15 Jun

Big top. Circus. Monkeys. Horses. One very old man. And one very large elephant…or bull, depending on how you want to describe wonderful Rosie. Don’t worry, I won’t give anything about the book away, just in case you haven’t read it yet. But you should go get the book now (Water for Elephants: A Novel) and read it! And once you do, throw a little shindig and you can base your menu on mine, or try some new recipes of your own. It was my turn to host the book club meeting, which consists of me and three other lovely ladies in my neighborhood. I wanted the food to reflect the mood of the story, which is about the life of a young man who joins a travelling circus in the 1920’s. So at first I was trying to research circus food, but nothing was really jumping out at me. Corn dogs, caramel apples, funnel cake, etc. Nothing I could serve for a Wednesday night dinner. But I called my sister and, together, we found a whole new direction to go in! Jacob Jankowski, the lead character, is Polish, and as it turns out, so is Rosie. So Polish and circus food for dinner. What a mix! Continue reading

Guinness Milk Shake

17 Mar

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! I am definitely not Irish and neither is Justin, but he sure wishes he was. In fact, I once bought him a square foot of land in Ireland for his birthday and he was the happiest man I ever saw. So I was all for it when Justin asked me to make beer milk shakes using his all-time favorite beer, Guinness! I’m not really a huge fan of this dark bitter beer, but I figured it would taste delicious with vanilla frozen yogurt. I mean, what wouldn’t?!?

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