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P.B.K. Brownies {Feature Friday}

4 Nov

Congratulations to Sara DeLeeuw, author of blog My Imperfect Kitchen and this weeks Feature Friday winner for her incredible P.B.K. Brownies. I have already made these brownies and could not stop eating them! If you would like to be features on KT, it’s as easy as submitting a recipe here

We started our third bowling season last night. It has become something of a tradition for me to bring snacks to our weekly games.  Truthfully, I do it because I can’t bowl.  Not even remotely well. I couldn’t break 100 if I used bumpers.  My scores last night were 77, 79 and 69.  Yeahhhh…don’t quit my day job, right?  You may feel sorry for my team, but don’t!  They eat very well.   Yesterday I made PBK (Peanut Butter Krispy) Brownie Bars to kick off our season.  This recipe is a variation of BrownEyedBaker’s “Better Than Crack” Brownies and they are very addicting!   After all, who doesn’t love chocolate and peanut butter?  Consider yourself warned, you may never go back to regular brownies again.  I’m setting the bar pretty high on bowling snacks with these!   They are easy to put together, and trust me, they are worth every delicious bite! Continue reading

Peanut-Cashew Brittle Cookies

1 Nov

November 2nd is Cookie Monster’s birthday and I can’t believe he is in his 40’s! He doesn’t look a day over…um…well, I have no idea how old he’s supposed to look. Maybe 10? Cookie Monster’s greatest loves is a delicious chocolate chip cookie but I think he should branch out this year and try something special and unique. On Season 8 of Top Chef, Telly Monster, Cookie Monster and Elmo visited the set to judge a cookie quick fire challenge and it was so fun to watch them “eat” the crazy cookie concoctions from the contestants. It encouraged me that the Sesame Street characters were willing to try something a little different. So here is my birthday cookie for Cookie Monster based on one of my childhood favorites, peanut brittle. I hope he enjoys it!

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