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Deconstructed Peanut Butter & Jelly Doughnuts

25 Dec

You would think I’d be all fried out by now, considering all of the latkes and sufganiyot I’ve been surrounded with (and eating) this holiday season. Yeah, I baked my own doughnuts but that doesn’t mean everyone else didn’t choose to fry up their own. So when I made another batch of baked doughnuts for the weekend, I decided it was time to heat up a pot of oil and get frying with the leftover scraps of dough! And this couldn’t have been a better time to test out my new pipette’s from my favorite housewares and baking accessory shop, Breezy’s. I’ve only ever seen pipette’s used on television and when I had the chance to use them in my own kitchen, I jumped at the chance. So there I stood in my kitchen with extra scraps of doughnut dough to fry and pipette’s to fill and it just all made sense…peanut butter caramel doughnut holes with tart jelly! I already had the luscious salted peanut butter caramel in my fridge from the Pecan Apple Galette I made last week and I always have some kind of jelly or preserve in my pantry. So I went for it and it was worth every little calorie!  Continue reading


Strawberry Peach Rhubarb Dumplings

6 Jul

I found rhubarb in my local kosher market! I finally found it! I’ve been meaning to cook with rhubarb for years but never found it in stock. Okay, so maybe I wasn’t looking too hard, but I just wanted it to be readily available for me. Is that too much to ask?!? I always drooled when I read recipes that contained this mysterious red root and I just never had the chance to test it out. In fact, rhubarb is so foreign in my kitchen that Justin picked up a raw piece of the stalk and ate it, not realizing how bitter it would be. It was hilarious! Well, I finally found the rhubarb and my world was open to so many new recipes that I had always looked over. But that lead to the next issue of what recipe would break my rhubarb cherry (some pun intended). I took to Facebook, asking my Kitchen Tested followers to come up with some ideas for me and I received some great recipes. But I realized that I would have to be inspired by my own recipe search. So I looked around for a while and came up with a few interesting recipes for rhubarb dumplings. They all seemed so good that I found a way to combine them and came up with this strawberry peach rhubarb dumpling. The fun part is that you can actually come up with your own version of this recipe, or you are welcome to follow mine. Continue reading