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Baked Mini Cake Doughnuts

3 Oct

Raise your hand if you ever really stick to your shopping list! Yeah, I didn’t think so. Neither do I. So while on a shopping trip at Bed Bath & Beyond, I happened upon a mini doughnut pan by Wilton and bought two! I mean, each pan only makes twelve mini doughnuts and I knew I would want more that. Are you laughing now? I put the pans aside for the right moment and it came when my three-year-old randomly asked for chocolate doughnuts.

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Sprinkle Cake Pancakes

18 Jul

I love pancakes! I can eat them at any time of the day, but I especially love them for breakfast. I’ll eat them at a diner, a fancy restaurant (if they even have them on the menu), or just with the pre-made pancake mix at home. But I never thought I would be serving them cold for dessert! And that’s what I did for a Shabbos meal of 8 adults and 8 children. If you’re thinking that cold pancakes are gross, you will change your mind when you try this recipe because the batter is actually cake mix! Can you believe it?!? I wish I thought of it myself but I have Rachael Ray and her wonderful magazine to thank.  Continue reading

My Purim Mishloach Manot

20 Mar

Happy Purim! From the Strauss Family.

I have fond memories of making homemade chocolate lollipops for my families mishloach manot growing up. I unfortunately also remember being really stressed out by the sight of 50 empty boxes that needed to be filled with snacks and homemade cinnamon buns, then labeling them for all of the family friends that would be receiving them later. Oh man, the trunk of my mom’s car was so crazy while we tried to keep the finished product in order either alphabetically or by order of dropping them off. The whole process was just crazy…I think that’s why I wanted to make my shalach manot a bit less confusing and busy. Continue reading