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Pink and Purple Birthday

29 Aug

My baby girl, Nora, is turning one and to celebrate, we hosted an intimate gathering of 20-ish people at my parents house in Seattle. Deciding on the theme for the party wasn’t too difficult since Nora is such a dainty little princess who eats her food one bite at a time and can seriously rock a tutu. So we chose the equally dainty butterfly for decoration and the colors that look best on her, pink and purple. Check out her party! Continue reading


Homemade Vanilla Extract

17 May

I use vanilla extract in practically all of my homemade desserts and I have never been particular about the brand. If it’s vanilla, I will buy it. And if I can buy it in bulk, even better. But when I saw this recipe for homemade vanilla extract in the archives of one of my favorite food blogs, Tiny Test Kitchen, I had to give it a shot. The recipe is so simple with only 2 ingredients (that’s right, I said 2) and I would just need the patience to wait for the flavors to age and develop. So I dug deep and found the patience, which is never easy for me, and it was totally worth it! Continue reading

Antiguan Ducana and Salt Fish

10 Apr

Two things you may have never heard of: 1. Ducana and 2. Salt Fish! Well, now is your chance to learn about one of the yummiest meals you will ever have. I am totally serious. Salty, sweet, savory…if you can think of it, this meal has it. So let’s all thank Antigua for making this one of their famous local dishes. In fact, while Justin and I were on vacation in Antigua last year, all of the locals we spoke to told us to go try it out. Unfortunately for that occasion, we keep kosher and were unable to give it a shot. I never really thought of recreating this seemingly complicated dish on my own until I started writing this blog.  So here it goes!

Continue reading

My Purim Mishloach Manot

20 Mar

Happy Purim! From the Strauss Family.

I have fond memories of making homemade chocolate lollipops for my families mishloach manot growing up. I unfortunately also remember being really stressed out by the sight of 50 empty boxes that needed to be filled with snacks and homemade cinnamon buns, then labeling them for all of the family friends that would be receiving them later. Oh man, the trunk of my mom’s car was so crazy while we tried to keep the finished product in order either alphabetically or by order of dropping them off. The whole process was just crazy…I think that’s why I wanted to make my shalach manot a bit less confusing and busy. Continue reading